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Willow and Jaden’s faces are perfect. 

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Imagine That: If Nas Ruled The World

Nas’ 1996 song, “If I Ruled the World,” was a smash hit that broadened his commercial appeal to the likes of MTV and new hip hop fans. The song raised concerns about the current issued faced by society and offered poetic resolutions from The Don himself. It has been 17 years since the release of the song and Complex Magazine has dug deep into the lyrics and interviewed some of Nas’ closest friends to break down the iconic song.   

In 1996, Nas dropped the personal memoir and hip hop classic, “If I Ruled the World,” featuring The Fugees female MC, Lauryn Hill. Filled with optimism for his self as well as for the community, Nas speaks of issues big and small, that concern us all. Nas manifested his destiny while speaking on issues like conscious parenting, better living and quality of life for his children, financial freedom , and traveling around the world. Some may even go as far to say that Nas himself, prophesied the future with the recent legal action that many states have chosen to embrace to allow the public access and use of marijuana without the police intervening or criminal charges being filed. Almost two decades later Complex Magazine examines the lyrics to the track to determine if Nas’ wishes came to fruition. 

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Yasuyuki Okamura x SPACE☆DANDY - Viva Namida MV

岡村靖幸 x 『スペース☆ダンディ』 -『ビバナミダ』MV 
directed by  Sayo Yamamoto (Studio Bones)

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Handout for the 13th Unthinkable Mind class, March 6, 2013, taught by Lynda Barry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

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